Friday, February 6, 2009

Would you like to win a 50$ giftvoucher ?

If so please read on !

It's a treasure hunt !!! You get to answer some fun questions , explore a new site and support the studio's all at the same time ....and if you get the answers right can win a giftvoucher for 50$ !!

Where does all this take place?..I hear you wonder ...

Well there is a new site called "Artfire" . It's a place where artisans from all over our globe can sell their handmade creations. You won't believe the varity of items on offer. 

Why not come on over and take a look and participate in the treasure hunt. This hunt will take you to various studio's who would like to introduce their lovely wares to you :) ... the questions are fun and the answers can be found in the different studio's (tip: use the search function!)

Participating is free, and if your lucky you might win a 50$ giftvoucher !! The voucher can be spend in the participating studio's while you're there take a look at the items on offer and you might find yourself or someone else something lovely.

Enjoy Artfire and good luck on the hunt !! .... it ends on the 16th of February at 12pm GMT ! (answer that arrive after that will not be accepted)

To participate click on the links in the sidebar.
To verify this hunt and site you can come on over to Artfire and look up Treasure hunt in the forums. 

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